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Who We Are


Connection3 is a Co-Op of like-minded  Mental Health Professionals who share resources, provide continuity of care, and minister to  the Suncoast with counseling, coaching and consulting services. We are also offer workshops and seminars on a variety of topics.

Our Treatment Focus

We believe healing and growth take place in connection with God and healthy others along with appropriate self-care.

Our Promise To Clients

Adherence to the Therapist Code of Ethics, which promotes the protection of a client's confidentiality, is assured.

Our Therapy: We Ask A Better Question


What would it mean to genuinely know God and be known by Him?

The Trinity represents the perfectly functioning family. The needs an individual has for protection, provision, identity, communication, comfort and direction are available as a familial relationship with God is established.


What keeps a person feeling stuck?

Depression, anxiety, unhealthy habits and relational stressors are often hidden secrets. That kind of isolation causes a disconnect of one's self-image which fuel the lies of self preserving strategies. 



What kind of relationships are most needed?

People are designed to share life. When a lack of connection with others exists, an isolated person's needs cannot be well met. Resentment often takes hold and an individual may deviate from usual healthy choices.

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